Using the Library Endpoints

Library is where Constant Contact users upload, store, edit and manage files within Constant Contact. 

Library features

  • Delete images and documents
  • Select from over 4,000 images for purchase or free download in the Stock Image Gallery to include in emails, events, or surveys
  • Batch upload multiple files.
  • Search, sort, and filter images by name, source, date, folder, and type.
  • Manage files within folders.

Library summary report

A detailed usage report endpoint provides a user's Library usage information, including:

  • The Root URL of the image hosting server
  • Total disk space provisioned to the account, and space remaining
  • Number of documents stored, and the amount of disk space used
  • Number of images stored, and the amount of disk space used

Library folders

Use Library folder endpoints to:

Library files

Use the MyLibrary file endpoints to: