Signup to get a V3 API partner developer account.

As a technology partner, you are entitled to a free technology partner account that has the required permissions and authorizations to make API calls to both our standard endpoints using your API key and bearer access token, and to our partner endpoints, using the API key and JSON Web Token (JWT).

To manage your partner application integrations in to the CTCT V3 API developer portal, you can choose to use your existing V3 API developer account or signup to get a new account.

Although you can begin using your new (or existing) developer account to authenticate with CTCT and get access to standard developer endpoints, you cannot access partner endpoints until after the Partner Management Team approves you as a technology partner and our V3 API Support Team converts your account to a technology partner account, registers your partner app, and gives you your partner credentials. For more details, see Technology Partner Registration

Signup to Get a New Technology Partner Account

  1. Open the V3 API developer portal and click Get Started.

  2. Click Sign up.

  3. Specify the following partner account information:

    a. The email address to associate with this account.

    b. An account password.

    c. A contact phone number.

    d. The first and last name of the account owner.

    e. The name of your organization.

  4. Click Get Started! to submit the form.

  5. Log in to the developer portal using the email address and password that you specified for your new account.

In order to use standard account endpoints, you need to call into a CTCT client user account that has granted access to the application that you are building. To create a free client user account, signup for a trial client user account and then use that client account when developing and testing your integration.