Technology partners, workflow, and partner endpoints overview.

Some partner endpoints may become available in future V3 API releases.

Partners that integrate with Constant Contact (CTCT) are able to broaden their platform solutions and application offerings by providing their client accounts with CTCT campaign marketing tools and features, such as contact synchronization, segmentation, campaign and contact engagement tracking and reporting.

However, only authorized technology partners have the required partner credentials to use the V3 API to access both standard account endpoints and technology partner endpoints. Our technology partner endpoints allow you to create and manage CTCT client accounts under your partner account.

Technology partner integrations can be as simple as including an action button on your app that links your clients to their CTCT accounts. Our authorized technology partners are featured under Apps & Integrations in our MarketPlace.

Technology Partner Workflow

The following lists and describes the basic steps in the technology partner workflow.

Step 1: Signup to Become a CTCT Technology Partner

To become a technology partner, complete and submit the partner request signup form.

After reviewing your partner request, a member of the Partner Management Team (PMT) will contact you to help you plan your integration. Depending on the complexity of your partner integration, this process may take several weeks.

Technology partner signup form image

Step 2: Signup for a V3 API Developer Partner Account

As a technology partner, you are entitled to a free partner account.

To manage your partner application integrations in the CTCT V3 API developer portal, use your existing V3 API developer account or signup for a new account.

To learn more about partner and developer accounts, see Signup for a V3 API Developer Account.

Step 3: Get Your App API key and Partner Credentials

Although you can begin using your new or existing developer account to get access to standard developer account endpoints, you cannot access partner endpoints until the PMT approves your technology partner account, the V3 API Support Team creates or converts your existing account to a technology partner account, registers your app (API key) and you receive your partner credentials.

Each technology partner is assigned a unique partner_client_id and a unique partner_secret (password). The combination of the two make up your partner credentials. You use your partner credentials to authenticate your technology partner user account with CTCT.

For more details, see Technology Partner Registration.

Step 4: Partner Account Authentication and Authorization

To securely authenticate your technology partner account with CTCT, your app must send an authorization request in the form of a URL using the OAuth2 authentication protocol. The OAuth2 authentication flow differs depending on which endpoints (standard or partner) you choose to access.

To get access to developer account endpoints requires that you provide your API key using either the OAuth2 server or client authentication flow. In exchange, you receive a bearer access token authorizing your account to make API calls to developer account endpoints.

To get access to partner endpoints requires that you authenticate your partner credentials using the Partner OAuth2 client authentication flow. In exchange, you receive a JSON web token (JWT) to use, in addition to your API key, which authorizes you to make API calls to partner endpoints.

For more details, see Partner Authentication and Authorization.

Step 5: Create and Manage Client Accounts

To create and manage CTCT client accounts under your partner account, use the partner methods and endpoints listed in the Partner Methods and Endpoints section that follows.

Partner Methods and Endpoints

To make authorized V3 API requests to partner endpoints, include the JWT, API key, and content type (application/x-www-form-urlencoded) in the Authorization request headers.

Example Partner Endpoint API Request

$token = 'JWT_TOKEN'
$api_key = 'API_KEY'
$url = ''
$curl = curl_init();
curl_setopt_array($curl, array(
  CURLOPT_URL => $url,
    "authorization: Bearer $token",
    "x-api-key: $api_key"
$response = curl_exec($curl);
$error = curl_error($curl);
if ($error) {
  echo "cURL Error #:" . $error;
} else {
  echo $response;

GET /partner/accounts

Use GET /partner/accounts to get a list of all your client accounts.

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GET /partner/accounts/{encoded_account_id}/plan

Use GET /partner/accounts/{encoded_account_id}/plan to get the billing plan details for a specified client account.

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POST /partner/accounts

Use POST /partner/accounts to create a new client account under your partner account.

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PUT /partner/accounts/{encoded_account_id}/plan

Use PUT /partner/accounts/{encoded_account_id}/plan to update the billing plan for a specified client account.

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PUT /partner/accounts/{encoded_account_id}/status/cancel

Use PUT /partner/accounts/{encoded_account_id}/status/cancel to cancel the billing plan for a specified client account.

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Technology Partner Terminology

The following terms and definitions apply to technical partners:

  • Client accounts: CTCT accounts created and managed under a technology partner account.

  • JSON Web Token (JWT): Open standard (RFC 6749) used between different parties to define a compact and self-contained way for securely transmitting information as a JSON object. This information is digitally signed and can be verified and trusted.

  • Partner credentials: Each technology partner is assigned a unique partner ID and secret (password). The combination of the two make up your partner credentials. Partner credentials are required to authenticate using our partner OAuth2 client flow for technology partners.

  • Partner endpoints: Endpoints that allow authorized technology partner accounts to create and manage CTCT client accounts under their partner account.

  • Partner integrations: The partner software that links CTCT client accounts to technology partner solutions and applications.

  • Partner Management Team: The CTCT Partner Management Team (PMT) that approves and assists in the setup of each technology partner account. The PMT also helps technology partners plan and manage their V3 API integration.

  • Technology partner: An authorized partner account given special permissions to access the V3 API partner endpoints used to create and manage CTCT client accounts under their technology partner account.