Register your app under your technology partner account and get your API key and partner credentials.

After your are approved as a technology partner by the Partner Management Team, our V3 API Support Team converts your existing developer account to a partner account. This includes adding your account to our technology partner user pool, setting permissions, registering your app, and then providing you with your partner credentials.

Your partner credentials (the combination of your partner_client_id and partner_secret) uniquely identify your technology partner account. Your partner credentials are required to authenticate your partner account with CTCT to get access to partner endpoints. By default, your partner credentials are shared by all your registered partner applications and API keys.

Your app uses the same API key to get access to both partner and standard account endpoints. An API key cannot be associated with more than one set of partner credentials.

View or Modify Details About Your App

  1. Sign in to the V3 API developer portal using your developer account username and password.

  2. Click the My Applications tab. The My Applications page displays. If your app is a registered partner app, it is noted under your app’s title. Only registered partner apps display the Partner Details section following the App Details section.

  3. Under App Name & Key, click the name of the app to open.

  4. In the App Details section, you can view and copy your app API key. Be sure to store your app API key and app secret in a safe location. Note: If your app uses the OAuth2.0 server flow, clicking Generate Secret invalidates your current app secret and requires that you update your app to use the new secret.

  5. Under Redirect URI, specify one or more redirect URIs that the CTCT authorization server can redirect users to, after they agree to grant your application access to their CTCT data.

  6. In the Your App’s Public Description section, you can view or specify the following information:

    a. The name that identifies your app and that you want CTCT to display when asking users to grant your app access to their CTCT data.

    b. App Logo URL: The URL of the app logo to include on the grant access request page.

    c. App Description: Briefly describes your app to your users.

  7. Click Save, to save any modifications that you made to your app.

View or Modify Your Partner Details

After our Support Team creates your partner credentials, the Partner Details section displays the following partner-related details at the bottom of the application page:

  • The system-generated partner registration information.
  • Your partner description.
  • Your partner client ID that is used to uniquely identify your technology partner account.
  • The Generate Partner Secret button is used to create a new partner secret. If you choose to generate a new partner secret, ALL apps (API keys) associated with your partner account that share your partner credentials must use the new secret. This requires you to make code modifications in order to successfully authenticate your partner credentials.
  • A list of your applications and API keys that share the same partner client ID and partner secret.

To authenticate with CTCT and get the JSON Web Token (JWT) required to make authorized API calls to partner endpoints, see Technology Partner Authentication and Authorization.