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How to Add Contacts to Lists How to add large numbers of contacts to lists using bulk activity endpoints
Add Tags to Contacts Bulk Activity Add one or more tags too multiple contacts.
Update an Email Campaign Activity Update an email campaign activity.
Export Contacts to a CSV File Make a POST request to the /activities/contact_exports endpoint to create a CSV export activity. After Constant Contact finishes processing the activity, use the results object in the response body to retrieve the CSV file. You can choose to export all contacts in your account (default) or you can...
Create a Segment Create a new segment.
Delete a Segment Get details about a segment.
Get a Segment's Details Get details about a segment.
Get All Segments Get a list of all segments for an account.
Rename a Segment Rename a segment.
Update a Segment Update the segment name and/or criteria.
Segments Overview Use segments to identify and target a subset of your contacts that meet your specified criteria. What is Segmentation? Segmentation is a marketing strategy used to increase campaign engagement and improve campaign results by targeting the right contacts, at the right time, with the right campaign. Using the Constant...
Tags Overview Create and use tags to categorize a group of contacts.