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Create an Email Campaign Make a POST call to the /emails endpoint to create a new email campaign. This method also creates new email campaign activities and associates them with the new email campaign. Constant Contact supports different types of custom code emails using the format_type property. You can use the V3...
Get Details for a Single Email Campaign Get details for an existing email campaign.
Get a Collection of Email Campaigns Get a collection of all email campaigns that are associated with your account.
Email Campaign Overview What are Email Campaigns? Email campaigns allow you to engage with your contacts through email marketing. Sending email campaigns to your contacts can help grow your audience and build your brand. In the V3 API, you manage emails using email campaigns and email campaign activities. Email campaigns...
Data Migration Overview How to migrate your V2 integration to V3 with minimal user impact.
Introduction to the V3 API Describes V3 API technical specs including payload and data formats, headers, and more.
Contacts V3 Changes and Migration This topic compares the V3 and V2 contact resource properties, calling out changes developers need to be aware of.
Email Campaign V3 Changes and Migration This topic presents the differences between the V3 and V2 email campaign resource model, and provides instructions on getting cross-referenced V2 & V3 email ...
Lists V3 Changes and Migration Presents the differences between the V3 and V2 list resource model, and instructions on cross-referencing V2 & V3 List IDs.