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Get the Status of a Bulk Activity How to retrieve the status of bulk activity
How to Add Contacts to Lists How to add large numbers of contacts to lists using bulk activity endpoints
Add Tags to Contacts Bulk Activity Add one or more tags too multiple contacts.
Bulk Activity Overview Bulk activity features and endpoints
Delete Tags Bulk Activity Delete multiple tags.
Delete Contacts Bulk Activity How to delete large numbers of contacts using the /contact_delete activity endpoint
Export Contacts to a CSV File Make a POST request to the /activities/contact_exports endpoint to create a CSV export activity. After Constant Contact finishes processing the activity, use the results object in the response body to retrieve the CSV file. You can choose to export all contacts in your account (default) or you can...
Import Contacts How to import and update large numbers of contacts using bulk activity endpoints
What's New in the V3 API What’s New The Constant Contact V3 API is a complete rebuild of our API in every sense. It has improved performance and reliability, and contact functionality is the same as users experience using Constant Contact. The V3 API is a REST-ful API that uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) payloads...
Remove Contacts from Lists Bulk Activity How to remove large numbers of contacts from lists using a bulk activity endpoint
Remove Tags from Contacts Bulk Activity Remove tags from a large number of contacts.